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    Sophia Floersch

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    Sophia Floersch

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    Sophia Floersch

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    Sophia Floersch

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    Sophia Floersch

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Press Clipping

Sophia Flörsch - Auf der ÜberholspurSophia Floersch - Auf der Überholspur ("In the fast Lane")

Currently, Sophia Floersch is the fastest girl in Germany, but would also have good chances at the Miss Germany Contest. Sophia is 15 years old and will start in the spring of 2016 in the formula 4. Her clear goal: Formula 1 World Champion! Pretty confident, right? But who is so successful in a male-dominated sport, must not be squeamish. In her book she shows how anyone can do it - even under extreme conditions - to bring 100% performance, to focus on the point and attract daily.
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Sophia Flörsch mit Klaus-Eckhard Jost
Auf der Überholspur
Lerne vom Extremen für Deinen Alltag
Mit mentaler und körperlicher Fitness zur absoluten Spitzenleistung
17,99€, 176 Seiten
ISBN: 978-38312-0428-1
FaszinationFitness, Grünwald 2016
Sophias Buch via Verlag KOMPLETT-MEDIA

Sophia Floersch nominated at TOP GEAR - GREAT WOMAN IN MOTORSPORT

An honourable mention. Still only in her early teens, Floersch made a name for herself in the Ginetta Juniors Series earlier this year with a run of impressive results. She’s since dropped out to focus on German Formula 4 in 2016, with F1 being the ultimate dream. One to watch out for.

Sophia Floersch nominated at RADIO LEMANS - WOMAN OF THE YEAR NOMINEES


Sophia Floersch, "If Rosberg can be more consistent next year, he can beat Hamilton"

In my opinion, Hamilton is the more consistent driver. I think in the battle between the two, consistency has been most important thing and Hamilton has the edge in that regard.

Keep racing

Sophia - powered by Passion




Sophia Floersch: „Motorsport is my life!“

Many motorsport rookies dream of Formula 1 - few are as close as Sophia Floersch.

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My Career Plan

my career plan


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